Waste is a valuable resource.

MORE aims to transform things popularly deemed useless waste into alternative material that is environmentally friendly and accessible for everyone.


    Propelling a circular economy and encouraging renewable alternatives through practical and environment-conscious furniture


    Bridging the gap between the upcycling community and waste resources with trailblazing technology for limitless renewable formation.


    Devising craftsmanship which is practical yet versatile to optimise benefit to both humans and the environment


ROOM and MORE have collaborated to introduce the Betterism Collection versatile seating option for a wide range of activities.
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MORE Furniture

Transforming things popularly deemed useless and creating innovative yet accessible alternative materials and furniture for a sustainable society

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MORE Surface

MORE Surface is a decorate panel that can be tailored to your design needs. The material is environmentally friendly and renewable material made from PlasCoff.

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MORE Materials

MORE's materials feature outstanding applications of alternate materials. Changing from using post-consumed materials to creating something new that is available with exceptional qualities

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