moRE's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

moRE's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Sustainability is the heart of moRE. We develop and operate in line with the Sustainable Development Goals along our journey to success. Currently, moRE visibly and innovatively supports 5 Sustainable Development Goals:



 Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

At moRE, we combine environmentally-conscious design with innovation to reduce waste and transform existing waste into renewable materials through upcycling. Waste brought to moRE becomes a collection of furniture and home accessories that everyone can afford and use while at the same time being exquisite and durable. Upcycling at moRE reduces the use of virgin materials through substitutes from coffee chaff, bottle caps, fabric dust and aluminium foil from UHT containers.



Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

moRE designs and creates products with environmental awareness by limiting the use of toxic chemicals. In addition, we are committed to being a space to spread and implement circular economy principles into everyday life. This extends moRE product service life, reducing waste. Our products can thus be used for endless benefits and increase awareness to support sustainable consumption in the future.



Goal 13: Climate Action

moRE plays an active role in global warming mitigation by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the production process by creating renewable materials- transforming waste base materials into functional and exquisite furniture. We serve as a platform to support the needs of people who want to give back to the planet by reducing individuals' day-to-day carbon footprint. The long service life of durable moRE products takes into account the product cycle effectively to minimise the creation and production of virgin materials.



Goal 14: Life Below Water

moRE optimises waste management and reduces its runoff into marine ecosystems. Thailand is one of the top countries facing the problem of plastic waste in the seas. We prevent household waste, including water bottle caps and aluminium foil from UHT boxes, from entering the ocean. moRE collects and upcycles these materials, reducing humanity's impact on the marine biosphere.



Goal 15: Life on Land

moRE products utilise responsibly, locally sourced materials. Coffee chaff, in particular, is popularly disposed of in landfills. moRE transforms this waste into durable and desirable furniture with natural wood-like properties. Similarly, rubber wood is also typically discarded once latex collection is complete. Felled rubber tree wood is given a second life with moRE products. With upcycling coffee chaff and rubber tree wood, moRE reduces the impact of humanity on the terrestrial ecosystem.





THE 17 GOALS - Sustainable Development Goals




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