Seeing the greatest potential for renewable materials from waste through a combination of sustainability, innovation and creativity.

Founded in 2021, MORE seeks to be a bridge for the upcycling community and invite society to witness the full potential of waste into renewable materials with a balance of sustainability, innovation and creativity. 
MORE began as a partnership comprised of a research team from PTT Innovation Institute and HG Next Company Limited, which designs, manufactures and distributes the furniture brand, hoog. MORE has since been evolving to address a wide range of waste- from municipal solid waste to industrial refuse, into various general-use products and interior furniture.
Every MORE product buyer is encouraged to extend the life of the furniture with renewable MORE replacement parts once damaged. MORE can also transform older purchased moRE products, potential waste, into something inspiring and functional but not worthless.
MORE creates sustainable materials from various types of waste. Through research and development, MORE transforms waste into valuable and eco-friendly resources. A wide range of waste from municipal solid waste and industrial refuse convert through in-depth research, development and design processes and eventually blends into the lifestyle of everyone. 

At MORE, we want to be a small part of bringing the world closer to sustainability. Driving the concept of a circular economy in Thailand, and acting as a mouthpiece to the wider society about furniture design that considers the practicality and environment.

01 Sustainability

MORE planning responds to an environmentally conscious lifestyle driving global citizenship through a circular economy focused on reducing the amount of waste disposal to reduce the environmental impact. We aim to raise environmental awareness while simultaneously improving the quality of human life and the balance of the environment. We eventually serve as a platform to unite everyone in society and move sustainability into the future.

02 Innovation

Today, many seek natural resources for use without regard for persistence. MORE attempts to maximise resources infinitely by utilising long-lasting materials and reducing the use of virgin materials. We intend to address waste concerns and seek to be a solution to this crisis from both industry and households in Thailand, specifically as one of the countries facing the problem of waste pollution.

03 Creativity

Environment-conscious products frequently are not as flexible or applicable in everyday life compared to less environmentally desirable alternatives. MORE aims to blend life and nature awareness through profound reflection and consideration of the most immediate things around us, creating furniture and home decoration products that allow everyone to become closer to and harmonise with the environment.