moRE "The Primary Collection"

moRE "The Primary Collection"

 Waste is moRE: from “waste” to 1st Collection “furniture” and “home decoration.” 



The sources of moRE raw materials fall into two main categories: post-industrial waste, such as coffee chaff, and fabric dust created during production. These materials are usually not utilised and discarded. The second is post-consumption waste. Everyday items from urban communities, such as water bottle caps and UHT boxes, are passed to us to renew value, replace the use of new raw materials, and become furniture for everyday life.



In designing, the primary collection has combined various waste materials with recycled PP (Polypropylene) or PE (Polyethylene) that are impact and abrasion resistant and not easily distorted while remaining lightweight and high heat resistant. Introduce renewable materials for various applications with durability and uniqueness aims to lessen and replace the usage of virgin material.




moRE's products feature outstanding applications of alternate materials such as coffee chaff rattan or "coffee rattan"- synthetic rattan that looks and feels natural. PlasCoff, a combination of coffee chaff and recycled plastic, has been flattened into a sheet.  

These renewable materials developed into Bound Chair, a chair designed with customisable components including ​​legs, armrests, and backrests by tailoring each part of the design and filling every need and potential of the chair use, look, and colour while remaining easy to maintain as well as repair in the future.


Bend Chair, a chair that draws on the potential of alternative materials like PlasCoff with expertise in furniture design. The Bend Chair appears to be a simple wooden design with a unique curved back and armrests that offer the simplicity of everyday items while benefiting from renewable material construction. 



Leaden Chair, a dining chair created with upcycled material from the aluminium foil found in UHT boxes, is versatile and easy to store. Durable and lightweight, the uniqueness of the backrest and seat surface are maintained by using that unique upcycled UHT box aluminium foil material in the texture and colour of the chair also.



PlasCoff Plant Stand and PlasCoff Lamp created from coffee chaff and post-consumption recycled plastic lift with the same universal mould boost creative options. These allow users to adjust their usage and create interior ecosystem elements freely in a new and unique way.



moRE assesses source material traits to add hue and vibrancy for decoration. Our design concept considers repairing, modifying the piece's look, and replacing the renewable material to merge the needs of various users and allow more prolonged use. 

Cone Lamp, two sizes of lamps with the same aluminium base, can be modified depending on use by flipping and swapping a rubber decor sheet for other upcycling materials, coffee chaff, or a water bottle cap. 

Finally, Vivid Vase is a colour-matched aluminium vase blended with alternative material with a multifunctional centre ring that acts as the vase's edge to adjust and slide up and down for compositions or promote endless new layouts.


Article : Wanrawee Tipprapatkul

Photographer : Nopanon Itthiakarapong

Stylist : Fah Thariya

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